Seminar: opening Addis Ababa palaces to the public


Valorization of a frozen heritage: opening Addis Ababa palaces to the public

by Xavier de Saint-Chamas


Date: Thursday March 28, 2019 – 2-3:30 pm

Venue: Berhanou Abebe Library,  French Center for Ethiopian Studies  (Jan Meda,

Since a few years, the Ethiopian government has launched an ambitious program in order to valorize some major sites of Addis Ababa heritage that have for long been inaccessible to the public such as the National Palace (Jubilee Palace). This operation seems to aim a better visibility and accessibility of Addis Ababa historical monuments. In such a context, what are the main challenges, issues and risks? How can a global program be settled in order to deliver a proper message about these historical places? What does the valorization of such symbolic palaces can take place in the general vision of Addis Ababa city heritage?

L’intervenant / the speaker

Xavier de Saint-Chamas is a trainee curator for historical buildings at the French National Heritage Institute (Institut National du Patrimoine), while a student in Archival Sciences at the French National School for Archive (École Nationale des Chartes) he conducted in 2016 a mission in Addis Ababa to inventory archives from the Italian period (1936-1941). He has just spent two month at the Palace Administration conducting an historical study of the National Palace.

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