Conference: Migration and exile in the Horn of Africa


MigrationsOn November 17th and 18th 2015, the CFEE, the CEDEJ-Khartoum and the University of Khartoum have organised an international conference on Migration and Exile in the Horn of Africa: State of Knowledge and Current Debates.


See the program, the list of the partners and pictures of the event below.

Migration and Exile in the Horn of Africa. State of Knowledge and Current Debates

  • Day 1. Tuesday 17th November 2015

9:00am: Welcoming session/coffee
9:30 – 10:30am: Introductive session
10:30 – 12:00am: Panel 1
12am – 1:30pm: Lunch
1:30 – 3:00pm: Panel 2
3:00 – 4:30pm: Panel 3
4:30 – 5pm: Coffee break
5:00 – 6:30pm: Panel 4

  • Day 2. Wednesday 18th November 2015

8:30am: Welcoming session/coffee
9:00 – 11am: Panel 5 + documentary
11am – 12:30pm: Panel 6
12:30 – 1:30pm: Lunch
1:30 – 3:00pm: Panel 7
3:00 – 5:00pm: Panel 8
5:00 – 5:30pm: Conclusive session, Sudanese Bubbles

Panel 1 – Becoming a migrant

1. Netsereab ANDOM, University of Khartoum, “Demystifying Irregular Youth Hemorrhage from Post-2000s Eritrea: Driven by Politics or Economics”

2. Julia BLOCHER, Center for Ethnic and Migration Studies, University of Liège and Sciences Po Paris, “Characterizing ‘drought’ In East Africa: new perspectives on perceptions versus measured impacts in responding to climate fluctuations”

3. Catherine DOM, WIDE research team member and Principal Consultant of Mokoro Ltd, “Outmigration for work in 20 Ethiopian rural communities in 1995, and 2010/2013”

4. Simon IMBERT-VIER, IMAF, “Djibouti, country of migrants and land of circulations”

Panel 2 – Travel routes and wanderings, shifting pathways

5. Thomas OSMOND, CFEE, “Turks in Ethiopia/Ethiopians in Turkey: Exploring the Local/Global Dynamics of Current Migrations  Between Asia Minor and the Horn of Africa”

6. Samia TECLE, Masters in Environmental Studies, York University, “The Exodus Continues: Exploring the Changing Routes, Destinations and Experiences of New Eritrean Refugees”

7. Maysa AYOUB, CMRS AUC, “Livelihoods and Protection of Refugees from the Horn of Africa in Egypt: Finding Durable Solutions”

Panels 3 and 4 – Migratory policies: rights, limitations,  repatriations, governance

8. Pauline BRUCKER, Phd candidate at Sciences Po, CEDEJ Cairo, “We are refugees: Sudanese contestations of asylum policies in Egypt and Israel”

9. Fesseha Berhe GEBREGERGIS, Mekelle University, CFEE, “Irregular Migration, Forced Return and Reintegration of Deportees: The Case of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia”

10. Cristiano D’ORSI, Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria, “Refugees from East Africa and Israel: a tormented relationship”

11. Mehdi LABZAE, Université Paris 1 – CESSP, “State-sponsored migrations in Ethiopia: A Derg resettlement village, thirty years later”

12. Clara LECADET, EHESS Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Urbaine, and Medareshaw Tafesse MELKAMU, “The expulsion of Ethiopian workers from Saudi Arabia (2013-2014): the management of a humanitarian and political crisis”

13. Elena VEZZADINI, CNRS, “What is my country?”

14. Sara SADEK, CMRS AUC & University of York, UK, “The Role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the survival of migrants and refugees from the Horn of Africa in Egypt after 2011”

Panel 5 – Migratory experience : ebbs and flows in the evolution of individual and group identity

15. Rania EL RAJJI, MSF Spain, “Torture as a price for migration”

16. Katarzyna GRABSKA, IHEID/CEDEJ, “Migratory trajectories of adolescence: aspirations, desires and being stuck”

17. Mohamed TAHIR, Ahlia University, “Cultural effects of the migratory experience of the Beja”

18. Azza YACOUB, SOAS London, “The quest for health as a barometer of the social distinctions of Southerners in Khartoum”

Panel 6 : Trafficking and smuggling, between the Licit and the Illicit

19. Mohamed ABDEL SALAM Babiker, University of Khartoum, “Sudan’s new Migration and Refugee Laws: Trends and Gaps in Combating Human Trafficking and creating Stateless Persons”

20. Ali Etrati KHOROSHAHI, Associate Protection Officer Counter-Trafficking in UNHCR

21.  Benoit GAUDIN, University of Addis Abeba and IRD, “Sportive migrations of the East-african athleticism”

22. Omar ISMAEL MAHAMOUD, CERD Djibouti, “Foreign migration in Djibouti-city: the case of the Ethiopian Oromo people”

Panel 7 – Transnational economic connections

23. Amina Said CHIRE, Bezunesh TAMRU, Omar ISMAEL MAHAMOUD, University of Djibouti, Paris 8 University, CERD Djibouti, “Domestic work and immigration of the Ethiopian and Somalian youth in the Republic of Djibouti”

24. Marion GUILLAUME, Senior Project Manager at Samuel Hall Consulting, “Local economic integration as a transitional solution? Across-border case study in Kenya and Somalia”

25. Ibtissam SATTI, University of Khartoum, “Females in the Borderlands: The Livelihood of Ethiopian Females in Kassala Town”

26. Griet STEEL, Utrecht University, “Transnational migration and online entrepreneurship in the city of Khartoum, Sudan”

Panel 8: Diaspora

27. Munzul ASSAL, University of Khartoum, “Sudanese Diaspora and Nation Building”

28. Sebabatso MANOELI, Rhodes Scholar from Lesotho and South Africa and PhD candidate at University of Oxford, “The Ambivalences of Exile: Jacob Akol’s Journey”

29. Hawa MIRE, MES candidate in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, “Rewriting a contemporary Somali National Imaginary through Orality”

30. Géraldine PINAULDT, CFEE, “Somalian people in France: a consequence of the Dublin II Regulation. A pioneer migration experience”

31. Moussa SULEIMAN, University of Djibouti, “Forms of exiles in the literature of the Horn of Africa”

Download the program of the conference here

See pictures of the event on the blog of the CEDEJ-Khartoum:


  • Institut français – Paris
  • Institut français – Khartoum
  • Institut français – Djibouti
  • Ambassade de France en Éthiopie et auprès de l’Union africaine
  • Ambassade de France au Soudan
  • The Center for Human Rights – University of Pretoria
  • Mokoro Ltd
  • Institut de Recherche pour le développement IRD
  • Sciences Po Paris
  • Institut des Hautes Etudes Internationales IHEID Genève
  • University of Djibouti
  • Samuel Hall
  • Oxford University
  • The American University of Cairo
  • International Organization for Migrations IOM
  • Mekelle University

Download the full program here:

Programme – Migration and Exile in the Horn of Africa

Photo: “Imperial palace of Massawa , Eritrea, train”, Reinhard Dietrich, 2011 (WikiCommons)

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