Journal of Eastern African Studies – Celebrating Ten Years (free access)

The Editors of Journal of Eastern African Studies present a selection of articles commemorating the 10th anniversary of the journal.

The articles chosen for this anniversary collection represent  the breadth of research published in the journal’s first decade, from political economy and conflict to trade networks and urban studies. They are on free access during  the time of this anniversary.

Among these papers, four concern Ethiopia (by Sabine Planel, Alemseged Abbay, Dereje Feyissa, David Turton).


Ten years of JEAS Editorial

Michael Jennings, James Brennan, Richard Vokes & Jason Mosley


The Political Economy of Kenya’s Crisis

Susanne D. Mueller


Diversity and democracy in Ethiopia

Alemseged Abbay


A tentative assessment of the Somali Harakat Al-Shabaab

Roland Marchal


“Our daughters inherit our land, but our sons use their wives’ fields”: matrilineal-matrilocal land tenure and the New Land Policy in Malawi

Pauline E. Peters


Resources and border disputes in Eastern Africa

Wafula Okumu


The cultural construction of state borders: the view from Gambella

Dereje Feyissa


Wilderness, wasteland or home? Three ways of imagining the Lower Omo Valley

David Turton


Inscribing memory, healing a nation: post-election violence and the search for truth and justice in Kenya Burning

Catherine Muhoma & Joyce Nyairo


Relations and regulations in local gold trade networks in South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

Sara Geenen


Tycoons and contraband: informal cross-border trade in West Nile, north-western Uganda

Kristof Titeca


“They forget what they came for”: Uganda’s army in Sudan

Mareike Schomerus


The cosmopolitan tradition and fissures in segregationist town planning in Nairobi, 1915–23

Godwin Rapando Murunga


Missing states? Somali trade networks and the Eastleigh transformation

Neil Carrier & Emma Lochery


A view of a bureaucratic developmental state: local governance and agricultural extension in rural Ethiopia

Sabine Planel


Tanzanian newspaper poetry: political commentary in verse

Kelly Askew


Remembering Wagalla: state violence in northern Kenya, 1962–1991

David M. Anderson


Locating the Indian Ocean: notes on the postcolonial reconstitution of space

Jeremy Prestholdt


Victoire in Kigali, or: why Rwandan elections are not won transnationally

Will Jones


The creation of Lubaland: missionary science and Christian literacy in the making of the Luba Katanga in Belgian Congo

David Maxwell


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David Ambrosetti

David Ambrosetti est politiste, chargé de recherche au CNRS. Il a été directeur du CFEE de 2014 à 2018. Depuis 2018 il est membre du laboratoire Les Afriques dans le monde (CNRS / Sciences po Bordeaux).

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