CFEE JOINT SEMINAR: Terminal Pleistocene Lithic Technology in Eastern Africa


Evolution: an international research seminar in Eastern Africa.
Paleobiodiversity, paleobiology, prehistory, paleoenvironments


16ème séance / 16th sessionTerminal Pleistocene Lithic Technology in Eastern Africa: Insights from B1s1, Main Ethiopian Rift
par/by Behailu Habte

Jeudi 21 décembre 2017, 15h30-17h / Thursday, December 21, 2017, 3:30-5:00 PM

Lieu / Venue: Auditorium of the Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Addis Ababa

Terminal Pleistocene lithic technology in eastern Africa: insights from B1s1, Main Ethiopian Rift
Behailu Habte

The terminal Pleistocene (~29-12 kya) in eastern Africa was characterized by arid environmental conditions during which the landscape was largely dominated by open vegetation while major lakes became reduced to their lowest water levels. Hunter-gatherers might have developed diverse adaptive strategies to cope with these environmental changes accessible through the analysis of material culture and faunal remains. I present here the results of my analysis of the lithic artefacts from the recently excavated B1s1site, Ethiopia. I compare the results to previously described terminal Pleistocene occupations in the broader eastern Africa. I finally try to compare models on subsistence strategy and organization of technology proposed for this period with the results of my own analysis of B1s1 lithics. The results of the study suggest that the arid terminal Pleistocene led the hunter gatherers to shift into dominant use of scraper-burin technologies while arid-adapted animal species were heavily hunted for their subsistence through ‘encounter hunting’.

3D Bulbula Plan

Keywords: Ethiopia, terminal Pleistocene, foragers / tropical grasslands / Eastern African Rift, System / Ziway – Shala basin, Later Stone Age, lithic technology

Ziway-Shala Basin LSA SITES

L’intervenant / the speaker

Behailu Habte is PhD candidate at Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès, UMR 5608 TRACES, France, and Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ARCCH), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Organisation: CFEE & Authority for Research and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage (Heritage Collection & Laboratory Service Directorate, Heritage Training Unit).

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