CFEE joint seminar: Beneficial microbes and humans


CFEE / Centre for Food and Nutrition, Addis Ababa University joint seminar

Beneficial microbes and humans

by Dr. Christèle Humblot


Date: Thursday April 19, 2018 – 3-4:30pm

Venue: Berhanou Abebe Library,  French Center for Ethiopian Studies  (Jan Meda,

Microbes are everywhere, in food as well as in our body. We know better the pathogenic ones, which make us sick. But the large majority of microbes are not harmful for humans, and many are beneficial. Bacteria are used for centuries for preparation of fermented foods. Their efficiency to increase the shelf life of initial material is well known, but they can do more. You’ll discover who they are, what they do to improve the nutritional quality of the food, and which beneficial effects they can exert after consumption. Bacteria are also present in our body, especially in our gut. Who are they? What do they do there? How are they influenced by dietary habits? Microbes from food or from our digestive tract are interacting with us. Investigating these relationship becomes exponentially explored by researchers from all horizons due to the infinite possibilities of finding innovative solutions for a better health.

L’intervenant / the speaker

After a PhD on the relations between diet and colon cancer at INRA (Institut national de la recherche agronomique, France), Dr. Christèle Humblot joined the unit Nutripass at IRD (Institut de recherche pour le développement, France). From that time, she investigated the relation between microbes, food and host. She has been hosted at the Centre for Food and Nutrition of the College of Natural Sciences at Addis Ababa University for almost three years. She is member of the French Society for Nutrition and awarded the “Young Researcher Price” from the French Nutrition Society.

Organisation: CFEE & Centre for Food and Nutrition, Addis Ababa University.

Illustration: (CC-BY-SA-4.0)

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