Archaeology in Ethiopia: Current research (CFEE-AAU seminar)


Archaeology in Ethiopia: Current research

Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 9:30am-12pm & 2pm-4:10pm

Ras Mekonnen Hall, Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University

Free entrance.

Graduate seminar organized by Manon Routhiau (Université Toulouse-Jean Jaurès, TRACES, Orient & Méditerranée, CFEE) & Alemseged Beldados (Department of Archaeology and Heritage Management, Addis Ababa University).

9:30am. Opening.

9:40am. Alemseged Beldados: Introduction.

9:50am. Negasi Awetehey: “An Archaeological study of the rock art site of Emba Tsegurom, Gendebta, Tigray (Northern Ethiopia)”.

10:10am. Friyat Angesom: “The study of pottery collections from the settlement site of Segalem: 2010 field season”.

10:30am. Discussion.

10:40am. Break.

11:10am. Firie Tefera: “Archaeobotanical and ethnoarchaeological studies for understanding early food production at Genneta Maryam (Lalibela)”.

11:30am. Manon Routhiau: “The rupestrian activity and the troglodytic culture in Lalibela’s landscape: summary of the first surveys”.

11:50am. Discussion.

12pm. Lunch break.

2pm. Tefera Tarekegn: “Human-environment interactions in the Bale Mountains during the Late Pleistocene and early Holocene epochs: anthracological study”.

2:20pm. Seminew Asrat: “An investigation of Later Stone Age lithic assemblages from Laga Oda rock shelter (Southeastern Ethiopia)”.

2:40pm. Discussion.

2:50pm. Break.

3:20pm. Endris Hussein: “An investigation of the Mid 6th-15th centuries AD archaeobotanical remains from the site of Harlaa (Eastern Ethiopia)”.

3:40pm. Caroline Robion-Brunner, Friyat Angesom & Alebachew Birru: “Paleometallurgy in Wello and Semien Shewa Area (Amhara National Region State, Ethiopia)”.

4pm. Discussion.

4:10pm. Manon Routhiau: Conclusion.


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