Seminar Archaeological Fieldworks / 12th April. 9.45 AM / Alliance Éthio-Française


Ethiopian Archaeological Fieldwork – Latest Researches and News

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 – 9.45 AM to 6.30 PM

@ Alliance Éthio-Française – Cinema Hall


This seminar organized by M. Routhiau & C. Robion-Brunner, in collaboration with Toulouse University, CFEE, ARCCH and AAU, will be held in a hybrid format, in Addis Abeba and Toulouse, and by video conference.

The link to join the web seminar: 

The detailed program: File Attachment- ProgrammETH_compressed


* 9.45 am Welcome by M. Routhiau & C. Robion-Brunner

* From the last hunter-gatherers to the first herders in the Rift Valley: three ongoing research programmes… / 10 am-10.45 am / Jessie Cauliez (CNRS, TRACES), Lamya Khalidi (CNRS, CEPAM) et Clément Ménard (musée Tautavel).

* History of woody biodiversity and its exploitation from the end of the Pleistocene to the recent Holocene in the Horn of Africa (14000-4000 BP) / 11 am-11.20 am / Friyat Angersom (University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès).


* History of metals in Ethiopia: Assessment and new archaeological data / 12 am-12.45 am / Caroline Robion-Brunner (CNRS, CFEE) and Hiluf Berhe (Collège de France).

* An investigation of metal collections from pre-Aksumite tombs at Yeha: collection from the 1960/61 excavations / 13 pm-13.20 pm / Gizachew Nigusu (University of Addis Ababa).


* Abaya Mission: pursuing and renewing the research on Megalithic Landscape in the Gedeo Zone. (15 pm-15.45 pm) / Anne-Lise Goujon (CFEE) and Vincent Ard (CNRS).

* Local Memory and Megalithism in the Central Highlands of Ethiopia. (16 pm-16.20 pm) / Alebachew Belay (University of Dabra Berhan).


* Research at Lalibela (Ethiopia): anomalies, spoils and manuscripts / 17 pm-17.45 pm / Marie-Laure Derat (CNRS, Orient et Méditerranée) and Romain Mensan (TRACES).

* Troglodytism and rock-cut activity in various forms: current research in the Ethiopian Highlands / 18 pm-18.20 pm / Manon Routhiau (University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès, TRACES).




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