Human evolution and environment: paleontology approaches and prospects (ARCCH/CFEE)


Human evolution and environment: paleontology approaches and prospects

By Jean-Renaud Boisserie

Paleontologist at PALEVOPRIM (CNRS & University of Poitiers) / CFEE (CNRS & French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs), and leader of the Omo Group Research Expedition.

Tuesday 16th August

14.30 PM @ ARCCH Mini Meeting Hall


Our understanding of human evolution cannot only rely on fossil hominid discoveries, but requires as well a detailed understanding of the environmental context in which these hominids lived. This allows deciphering the interactions between hominid species, other animal species, and plant communities under the influence of substrates, hydrography dynamics, tectonics, and paleoclimate changes. Among these parameters, biotic interactions are most elusive in the fossil record, and yet they are essential to build consistent evolutionary hypotheses. The work developed by the Omo Group Research Expedition on collections and sediments from the Lower Omo Valley aims at building such a better understanding of biotic interactions, within the framework of a long-term partnership between the Authority for Research and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage and the French Center for Ethiopian Studies. At a more general level, studying past ecological interactions and evolutionary events reinforces awareness of the challenges faced by the humankind in the present.










© J.-R. Boisserie

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