CFEE-CRFJ, Inter-Umifre Workshop, 5th-6th June (Lalibela, Ethiopia)






June 5th-6th, 2023 (Lalibela, Ethiopia)


SATURDAY 3 JUNE – Inauguration of the exhibition “Lalibela Carving the faith”, Cultural Center of Lalibela

Welcome Speech

Round Table 1: Archaeology

  • “3 millennia of metal history in the southern Levant and the Horn of Africa”, by Sylvain Bauvais (CEA, CRFJ) and Caroline Robion-Brunner-Brunner (Traces, CFEE)
  • “Archaeology of Lalibela (11th-21st century): Site formation process, involvement for its preservation” by Romain Mensan (CFEE), Marie-Laure Derat (Orient & Méditerrannée, CFEE), Antoine Garric (CFEE), Anne-Lise Goujon (Temps, CFEE), Kidanemaryam Ayalew (CFEE)
  • “The rock-cut activity and troglodytic culture: current research in Ethiopian Highlands (focus on the research made in Lalibela’s vicinity)”, by Manon Routhiau (Traces, CFEE)
  • “Archeology and History: 3D Reconstruction of the Maghrebi Quarter”, by Vincent Lemire (CRFJ)

Round Table 2: History

  • “Engraving stone in the Latin East: techniques, tools and craftsmen in GRAPH-EAST”, by Estelle Ingrand (GraphEast project) et Thierry Grégor (GraphEast project).
  • “Investigating medieval Muslim communities in Ethiopia and the southern Bilad al-Sham: some thoughts, comparisons and prospects”, by Simon Dorso (HornEast project)
  • “Ethiopian diasporic communities in Egypt and Jerusalem 14th-16th centuries”, by Martina Ambu (HornEast project)
  • “Ethiopian Christians in Jerusalem during 19th and 20th cent.: Historical Narratives, Sources and Methodology”, by Stéphane Ancel (CRFJ)



Round Table 3: Contemporary World

  • “Lalibela during the war, occupation and resilience”, by Marie Bridonneau (CFEE)
  • “Migration Memories and Policies between Sudan, Egypt, and Israel-Palestine”, by Karen Akoka (CRFJ) and Iris Seri-Hersch (AMU)
  • “International Politics in the Red Sea and Israel Foreign Policy”, by Elizabeth Marteu (Independant Researcher)
  • “On-going Sustainable Lalibela project: partners, implementation, benefices and chanllenges”, by Kidanemaryam Ayalew (CFEE)
  • “The Creation of the Addis Ababa Science Museum by an Israeli team: Research Project on the Transfer of Demonstrative Technics between Israel and Ethiopia”, by Claude Rosental (CRFJ)

Round Table 4: Feedback and Management of Scientific Research

  • “Management and Research under Constraints: Two UMIFRE under the Same Pressure?” Jean-Nicolas Bach (CFEE) and Vincent Lemire (CRFJ)
  • “Management of Scientific Research: Limitations and Challenges” Open Discussion with Hanna Siyum (CFEE), Lise Baer (CRFJ) and Marie Fleck

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