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Busy and interdisciplinary in the Afar: the AGXIM Project

TERRAIN / FIELDWORK The AGXIM* Project First Awsa Geology-Humanities Interdisciplinary Mission February 11-24, 2018 By Cécile Doubre, Eloi Ficquet & Lamya Khalidi * Afar for ‘to be busy’, pronounced agdhim Introduction to being busy...


A Guide to Old Piazza, Addis Ababa

PUBLICATION CFEE / CFEE PUBLICATION Dominique Harre (text), Wondimagegn Gashaw (watercolor illustrations), Jonathan Le Péchon (graphic design, maps), 2018, Ethiopian City Guides: Addis Ababa Old Piazza, Addis Ababa, CFEE / Lit Verlag, 72 p....

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