Catégorie : Autres activités / Other activities

African Workplaces? Alliance Ethio-Française, Round Table, Octobre 19th 2021, 5 PM

What do we capture from Africa? Table ronde – 19 Octobre 2021 (5 to 7 PM) – Alliance Ethio-française Confronting the points of view of European and Ethiopian photographers. Opening of the photographic exhibition...

International Symposium on African Prehistory, the 25th-28th of September 2019, in Toulouse (France)

COLLOQUE / SYMPOSIUM  Colloque international Préhistoire récente africaine “Du Big Dry à l’Holocène dans l’Est africain” / International symposium Later African Prehistory “From the Big Dry to the Holocene in Eastern Africa”   Prochaine...

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