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PUBLICATION: Persisting technological boundaries

PUBLICATION « Persisting technological boundaries: Social interactions, cognitive correlations and polarization » by Valentine Roux, Blandine Bril, Jessie Cauliez, Anne-Lise Goujon, Catherine Lara, Claire Manen, Geoffroy de Saulieu and Etienne Zangato. in Journal of Anthropological Archaeology,...


Lamya Khalidi: Preliminary results of the VAPOR-Afar project

SÉMINAIRE / SEMINAR Evolution: an international research seminar in eastern Africa. Paleobiodiversity, paleobiology, prehistory, paleoenvironments (2015-2016) 4ème séance / 4th session: Preliminary results of the VAPOR-Afar project: paleoenviroment, human settlement and obsidian circulation in...