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Journal of Eastern African Studies – Celebrating Ten Years (free access)

The Editors of Journal of Eastern African Studies present a selection of articles commemorating the 10th anniversary of the journal.

The articles chosen for this anniversary collection represent  the breadth of research published in the journal’s first decade, from political economy and conflict to trade networks and urban studies. They are on free access during  the time of this anniversary.

Among these papers, four concern Ethiopia (by Sabine Planel, Alemseged Abbay, Dereje Feyissa, David Turton).

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Sudan’s Discursive Battlefield: 1983-1989


Sudan’s Discursive Battlefield: 1983-1989

By Sebabatso Manoeli

(In English)

The 1980s were unsurprisingly a tumultuous decade for Sudanese politics. President Nimeiri’s dramatic decline in popularity in the early 1980s, the rekindling of war in 1983, the bloodless coup of 1985, and the series of coalition governments that proliferated in the aftermath are but a few acmes of the disruptive era. Yet despite the rapid political changes, all the regimes of this decade relied on a remarkably consistent propaganda strategy to combat the proponents of the Southern cause. Among these seditious political organizations, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and Army (SPLM/A) posed the most significant threat to the state. The government thus employed a two-pronged approach designed to shame Ethiopia and to belittle the SPLM to international audiences. It is important to note that discrediting strategies typically rely on moralistic rhetoric affecting the emotions of target audiences.

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Imag(in)ing the SPLM/A (1983-1989)


CFEE Seminar on Contemporary Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa (2014-2015)

7e séance / 7th session : Imag(in)ing the SPLM/A (1983-1989), par / by Sebabatso MANOELI

Cette séance est organisée en partenariat avec le Centre d’études africaines et orientales de l’Université d’Addis-Abeba / This session is organised in partnership with the Center for African and Oriental Studies of Addis Ababa University.

Jeudi 16 avril 2015 (14h) / Thursday, April 16th 2015 (2:00 pm). Lieu / Venue : Addis Ababa University, Sidist Kilo Campus, College of Social Science Building, Room 114, NCR.

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