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Call for papers: Annales d’Éthiopie vol. 33


Annales d’Éthiopie, vol. 33 (2019)

Dossier thématique / Special issue

Le travail en Éthiopie : rationalisation, dominations, mobilisations

Work in Ethiopia: Rationalization, Dominance and Mobilizations


Date limite de soumission des articles : 15 mai 2019 / Deadline for article  submission: May 15, 2019.

Coordinatrice du dossier / Guest editor for the special issue: Constance Perrin-Joly

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ICES 20, Mekelle University


20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies – Mekelle University,

October 1-5, 2018

« Regional and Global Ethiopia – Interconnections ad Identities »

The Cfee was a partner of the 20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies hosted by Mekelle University, Octobrer 1-5, 2018.

The program and book of abstracts of the 20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies are available from the conference website:

The conference in Mekelle was a great opportunity for us to present our books and publications, to discuss with our partners and to meet new colleagues, especially a range of promising researchers. We have attended some panels, here are our brief report. Other posts will follow with opinions and reports by researchers affiliated with the Cfee.

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CFEE Catalogue & New Publications


Le nouveau catalogue de nos publications disponibles au CFEE est en ligne sur :

Retrouvez nos 84 publications disponibles au CFEE (Annales d’Ethiopie, Annales d’Ethiopie Hors Série, Bulletins de la Maison des études éthiopiennes, Ethiopian City Guides, etc.), ainsi que nos 44 publications en ligne.

The new catalogue of our publications available at the CFEE is on:

See our 84 publications available at CFEE (Annales d’Ethiopie, Annales d’Ethiopie Hors Série, Bulletins de la Maison des études éthiopiennes, Ethiopian City Guides, etc), as well as our 44 publications online.


Dont de nouvelles publications du CFEE accessibles en consultation gratuite sur OpenEdition Books / Including new CFEE publications accessible online on OpenEdition Books (free consultation)

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Publication: Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia


Gérard PRUNIER, Éloi FICQUET, eds., Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia. Monarchy, Revolution and the Legacy of Meles Zenawi, London, Hurst & Company, 2015, 521 p.

When we think of Ethiopia we tend to think in cliches: Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, the Falasha Jews, the epic reign of Emperor Haile Selassie, the Communist Revolution, famine and civil war. Among the countries of Africa it has a high profile yet is poorly known. How- ever all cliches contain within them a kernel of truth, and occlude much more. Today’s Ethiopia (and its painfully liberated sister state of Eritrea) are largely obscured by these mythical views and a secondary literature that is partial or propagandist. Moreover there have been few attempts to offer readers a comprehensive overview of the country’s recent history, politics and culture that goes beyond the usual guidebook fare. Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia seeks to do just that, presenting a measured, detailed and systematic analysis of the main features of this unique country, now building on the foundations of a magical and tumultuous past as it struggles to emerge in the modern world on its own terms.

Both editors have been directors of the French Centre for Ethiopian Studies (CFEE).

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