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Call for panels: ICES 20, Mekelle University, 2018


The 20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies will be organised by Mekelle University, in close communication with the International Organising Committee (IOC), the Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES) and other stakeholders, academic institutions and partners worldwide, following the long established tradition.

ICES20 welcomes specialised academic panels to be organised by small groups of researchers active in Ethiopian Studies worldwide. Panels should be oriented towards the leading theme of the conference « Regional and Global Ethiopia – Interconnections and Identities ».

Deadline: 15 May 2017

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Journal of Eastern African Studies – Celebrating Ten Years (free access)

The Editors of Journal of Eastern African Studies present a selection of articles commemorating the 10th anniversary of the journal.

The articles chosen for this anniversary collection represent  the breadth of research published in the journal’s first decade, from political economy and conflict to trade networks and urban studies. They are on free access during  the time of this anniversary.

Among these papers, four concern Ethiopia (by Sabine Planel, Alemseged Abbay, Dereje Feyissa, David Turton).

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AAC/CFP: Urban citizenships in the Horn of Africa


Annales d’Éthiopie, vol. 32 (2017)

Dossier thématique : Citadinités dans les villes de la Corne de l’Afrique / Special issue: Urban citizenships in cities of the Horn of Africa

Date limite de soumission des propositions d’article (résumés de 1000 caractères) : 15 mars 2017 / Deadline for abstract (1000 signs) submission: March 15th, 2017.

Coordinatrices du dossier / Guest editors for the special issue: Amina Said Chiré & Bezunesh Tamru

Voir les détails ci-dessous / See the details below.

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Seminar: The Right to the City from the Global South

Seminar of the Department of Sociology, Addis Ababa University, in partnership with the CFEE


Rethinking the Right to the City from the Global South


Dr. Marie Bridonneau, Political Geographer, Université Paris-Nanterre

Dr. Woldeab Teshome, Sociologist, Addis Ababa University

Ato  Bewunetu Zewude, Sociologist,  Wolaita Sodo University

Ato Dawit Gorems, Sociologist, Mekele University


Thursday, December 15, 2016, 1:30-5:00 pm

Venue: Room G-19, Sidist Kilo Campus, College of Social Sciences, Addis Ababa University, Sidist Kilo Campus


‘Rethinking the Right to the City from the Global South » is a research program that gathers 14 researchers working on 8 selected cities in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, including Addis Ababa. The program aims at assessing the production of a right to the city « from the ground » in the Global South. It questions the capacity of urban dwellers to produce and to access the urban space through every day practices in cities that are highly affected by urban renewals and redevelopment projects. A common methodology based on a local and qualitative approach has been used to lead the fieldworks. In Addis Ababa, the researchers have focused their attention on life in peripheral condominiums.

Reconstruire et réinventer la ville depuis les condominiums (in French)


Marie Bridonneau, maître de conférences à l’Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Defense (UMR LAVUE 7218 – Laboratoire Mosaïques) et Sabine Planel, chargée de recherche à l’IRD (Institut des mondes africains – IMAF), ont accompli en juin 2015 une mission de recherche sur les « condominiums » (nouveaux quartiers d’immeubles d’habitation) d’Addis-Abeba. Cette mission a été réalisée dans le cadre d’un programme « Émergence(s) » financé par la mairie de Paris, coordonné par Amandine Spire et intitulé « Repenser le droit à la ville depuis les villes du Sud » (DALAA – Droit à la ville, Afrique subsaharienne, Amérique latine).

Le rapport détaillé de la mission de Marie Bridonneau et Sabine Planel en juin 2015 : Rapport_Jemo-1-10

L’actualité du programme DALVAA :


Publication: Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia


Gérard PRUNIER, Éloi FICQUET, eds., Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia. Monarchy, Revolution and the Legacy of Meles Zenawi, London, Hurst & Company, 2015, 521 p.

When we think of Ethiopia we tend to think in cliches: Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, the Falasha Jews, the epic reign of Emperor Haile Selassie, the Communist Revolution, famine and civil war. Among the countries of Africa it has a high profile yet is poorly known. How- ever all cliches contain within them a kernel of truth, and occlude much more. Today’s Ethiopia (and its painfully liberated sister state of Eritrea) are largely obscured by these mythical views and a secondary literature that is partial or propagandist. Moreover there have been few attempts to offer readers a comprehensive overview of the country’s recent history, politics and culture that goes beyond the usual guidebook fare. Understanding Contemporary Ethiopia seeks to do just that, presenting a measured, detailed and systematic analysis of the main features of this unique country, now building on the foundations of a magical and tumultuous past as it struggles to emerge in the modern world on its own terms.

Both editors have been directors of the French Centre for Ethiopian Studies (CFEE).

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CFP: Making Heritage in Ethiopia / Faire le patrimoine en Ethiopie


Les Annales d’Éthiopie, la revue scientifique du CFEE, lance un appel à contributions pour son numéro 31 (année 2016), sur le thème « Faire le patrimoine éthiopien ». Plus de détails ci-dessous.

Annales d’Éthiopie, the academic journal of CFEE, launches a call for papers for its issue 31 (2016). Topic: « Making heritage in Ethiopia ». Read more below.

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Le CFEE partenaire de la 19e édition de l’ICES / CFEE partner of ICES19


Le CFEE, en lien avec l’Institut des études éthiopiennes (IES) de l’Université d’Addis-Abeba, soutient la participation de cinq intervenants (4 chercheurs éthiopiens, 1 chercheuse française implantée en Éthiopie) à la 19e Conférence internationale des études éthiopiennes (ICES), qui se déroulera du 24 au 28 août 2015 à Varsovie. Cette conférence est organisée par l’Université de Varsovie.

In the framework of its cooperation with the Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES) of Addis Ababa University, CFEE supports the participation of five speakers (4 Ethiopian researchers, 1 French research working in Ethiopia) in the 19th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies (ICES) which will be held in Warsaw from August 24th to 28th 2015. This conference is organised by the University of Warsaw.

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Publication: Glocal Ethiopia


Glocal Ethiopia est le titre du dossier n° 31 (2015) de la revue académique en ligne EchoGéo ( Il est coordonné par les géographes Sabine Planel et Marie Bridonneau, toutes deux collaboratrices régulières du CFEE. Il s’intéresse à la récente « conversion à l’extraversion » de l’État éthiopien et à ses conséquences sur les échelons locaux du pouvoir politique et administratif. Voir également des contributions en « varia », traitant différentes approches spatiales de l’Éthiopie contemporaine.

Glocal Ethiopia is the title of the 31st special issue (2015) of the online academic journal EchoGéo ( Edited by geographers Sabine Planel and Marie Bridonneau, who are regular collaborators of CFEE, it deals with the relatively new look outwards of the Ethiopian State and its consequences on local levels of political and administrative powers. See as well different contributions published as
varia, discussing various spatial approaches to contemporary Ethiopia.

Photo: Un membre d’Action contre la faim (ACF) parmi des femmes Borana / Action contre la faim (ACF) staff among Borana women (S. Planel)

Agricultural extension in Wolayta (Ethiopia)


CFEE Seminar on Contemporary Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa (2014-2015)

4e séance / 4th session : Agricultural extension in rural Wolayta: Managements of the fertilizer debt, par / by Sabine Planel (IRD).

Cette séance est organisée en partenariat avec l’Institute of Ethiopian Studies de l’Université d’Addis-Abeba / This session is organised in partnership with the Institute of Ethiopian Studies of Addis Ababa University.

Jeudi 5 mars 2015 (14h-15h30) / Thursday, March 5th 2015 (2-3:30 PM). Lieu / Venue : Addis Ababa University, Sidist Kilo, Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Etege Menen Hall

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Annales d’Éthiopie, n° 27, 2012


Annales d’Éthiopie, n° 27, 2012

Dossier thématique : « L’Occident, la croisade et l’Éthiopie » (dir. Robin Seignobos & Benjamin Weber) / Dossier thématique : « Vers une nouvelle Éthiopie urbaine ? Politiques et pratiques des villes » (dir. Pauline Bosredon & Perrine Duroyaume) / Varia

Special issue : « The West, the crusade and Ethiopia » (dir. Robin Seignobos & Benjamin Weber) / Special issue : « On the way to a new urban Ethiopia? Policies and practices of cities » (dir. Pauline Bosredon, Marie Bridonneau & Perrine Duroyaume) / Miscellaneous

Sommaire / Contents

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