Étiqueté : Melka Kunture

Joint seminar: Archaeology and stable isotopes

SEMINAIRE / SEMINAR Archaeology and stable isotopes: studying the diet, the climate, and the environment. Case studies from Melka Kunture (Ethiopia) and Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania) (Early and Middle Pleistocene)  by Guiseppe Briatico   “Evolution: an...

CFEE JOINT SEMINAR: Homogeneity and variability in the Acheulean

SÉMINAIRE / SEMINAR Evolution: an international research seminar in Eastern Africa. Paleobiodiversity, paleobiology, prehistory, paleoenvironments (2015-2017) 9ème séance / 9th session: Homogeneity and variability in the Acheulean. Old and new research in Garba I (Melka Kunture), par/by Sol Sánchez-Dehesa...

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