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Megalithic Landscape: First Abaya archaeological mission


First Abaya archaeological mission

(Gedeo, SNNPR; Guji, Oromia)

January 11-25, February 20 – March 10, 2018

by Vincent Ard & Anne-Lise Goujon


The region east of Lake Abaya is renowned for its numerous megalithic sites (over 130 have been inventoried so far) but little is known about their chronology and their function. Previous research there had revealed great technological and stylistic variability of megalithic monuments and the existence of possible distinct chronological phases. In order to fill numerous gaps in our understanding of the megalithic societies of this region, an archaeological mission was led during winter 2018 by Vincent Ard (CNRS, TRACES) and Anne-Lise Goujon (Université Paris 10, PréTech), with the support of the Cfee and the French Embassy.

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