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Ceramic Traditions in Central and Southern Ethiopia


Ceramic traditions: Two recent field missions in Central and Southern Ethiopia

by Anne-Lise Goujon


Anne-Lise Goujon is PhD candidate in Archaeology at the Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense (UMR 7055 Préhistoire & Technologie), specializing on ceramic production and megalithism in Ethiopia. She is a contributor of the ANR DiffCeram research program and the CFEE program « Historical Archaeology in Ethiopia ».  for her PhD, she documented ceramic traditions among eleven different Ethiopian cultural groups. Thanks to a CFEE fieldwork grant,  she conducted in 2018 her last fieldwork.

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PUBLICATION: Persisting technological boundaries


“Persisting technological boundaries: Social interactions, cognitive correlations and polarization”

by Valentine Roux, Blandine Bril, Jessie Cauliez, Anne-Lise Goujon, Catherine Lara, Claire Manen, Geoffroy de Saulieu and Etienne Zangato.

in Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, Volume 48, December 2017, Pages 320-335.

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